Boba® X Carrier Chambray

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Wear your littlest one without an insert - no need to boost your baby up in the carrier because the height is adjustable, just like the width! Our innovative seat slides and locks to support your baby’s unique body, always ensuring total knee to knee support. The Boba X comes with a bouquet of thoughtful touches- a quick release breastfeeding assist buckle, a purse holder strap, two discreet hidden zippered pockets, a merciful elastic chest strap that makes everything more flexible and toddler seat extensions for the comfiest ride. Beauty and magic!


  • Safe infant positioning for little developing bodies (3,2-20kg)
  • A great option for petite and plus sized wearers
  • Shareable! For your babie and your toddler! Padded leg openings and seat extenders included.
  • An intuitive design that regulates in width and height without looping, snapping and rebuilding the carrier.
  • Adjust the seat with one smooth slide and lock in place with a flat press of your hand.
  • Quick height modifications for arms out toddler, breastfeeding help, and head/neck support for sleeping babes.
  • Designed with the help of real mothers and babywearing educators. Hip healthy design certified by the IDH
  • Crossable shoulder straps.
  • Included toddler seat extenders.
  • Removable adjustable hood that stores in a secret pocket.
  • Sleek side zippered pocket for smartphone on belt.
  • Purse strap holder - thoughtful touch to keep your bag(s) in place.
  • Chest strap on smooth sliders that adjusts with a simple movement.