Cottonmoose is a family brand created in 2013 out of love and care for the youngest. Since its inception, we have been selecting fabrics ourselves, designing and sewing Cottonmoose products, taking care of the smallest detail at every stage of production.

Brand grows and grows, and so do they. What remains unchanged is the goal that they set in 2013 and they are consistently implement it every day - they do everything to ensure the safety, warmth, exceptional comfort and healthy sleep for the little ones, and for their parents the certainty that they give their children the best.

The Cottonmoose range is wide. In our offer you will find inserts and bags for the stroller, blankets, bedding and winter accessories, which are our strongest point, including sleeping bags, overalls and hand warmers.

Products bearing the Cottonmoose logo are made only of safe, high-quality, anti-allergic fabrics and fillings from proven, trusted sources, adapted to contact with children from the first days of life. Thanks to this, we are sure that our products meet not only the stringent requirements for articles for babies and young children imposed by international quality standards, but above all by ourselves.

When creating Cottonmoose products, they focused on modern design, functionality and high quality. They know how important, especially for parents, are the durability of the product and its comfort of use. For these reasons, they don't create things that only look nice on a store shelf. Cottonmoose offers solid, high-quality products, made entirely by hand in Poland.

Their passion for what they do means that every time you choose Cottonmoose products, apart from the guarantee of the highest quality and safety of your child, you receive a lot of our heart and love.

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