Elodie Details® Bamboo Feeding Spoon 2 pieces - Sandy Stripe

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Treat yourselves to a fabulous and friendly feeding spoon from Elodie. What you get is a utensil perfectly angled and sized for your baby’s fi­rst adventures with solid food. A great match for Elodie´s dinner plates and other products from our EAT segment.


  • Bamboo feeding spoon
  • Slender and perfectly angled for feeding your baby with solid food
  • Matches perfectly with Elodie’s dinner set and other products from our EAT segment
  • Comes in a set of two spoons
  • Made from renewable bamboo material
  • Length: 15,7 cm
  • Material: 30% Bamboo Fiber | 40% Melamine| 30% Starch, Food grade Resin
  • Size: 0-36 months