Jollein® Growth chart Indians

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Mom? How tall am I? Am I taller than you? Children find it very interesting to know how big they are. How nice is it to hang this growth chart on the wall and let your little one measure himself. Or if he is still too small for that, you do it together. The advantage of black and white is that it is unisex and goes with everything. It is a white growth chart with a black longitudinal arrow. It may be that the actual size differs slightly from reality, because it is really a decorative item.

Nice growth chart for children from 70-140 cm. The colors of the growth chart are black / white and it comes from the Canvas Indians collection. It is made of 100% felt polyester.


  • Material: 100% felt polyester
  • Lenght: 70 x 140 cm
  • The growth chart may only be hand washed or cleaned with a damp cloth. You cannot iron the growth chart or dry it in the dryer.