Jollein® Wrap blanket Bunny Off White 105x100

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Wrap your baby wonderfully in this extra soft wrap blanket. This way your little one will not get cold on the way. You can use it as a blanket in the box or when cuddling on the couch. The wrap blanket with rabbit face also has extra openings that make it suitable for a car seat. With Velcro you can easily attach this wrap blanket. So take this wrap blanket everywhere you go!

Nice Jollein wrap blanket with rabbit face. The wrap blanket is made of extra soft berber fleece. The size of the wrap blanket is 100x105 cm and has extra openings which makes it suitable for a car seat of 0-9 months. The wrap blanket bunny is available in the colors white, gray, mustard yellow and pink. 


  • Material: extra soft berber fleece
  • Lenght: 100 x 105 cm