Helium tank 1,8 L

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Let boost you party with this helium tank!

Disposable Helium gas bottles are suitable for inflating latex and foil balloons with helium gas.

Gas bottles are filled with 100% Helium and NOT with mixture of Helium and Air as many similar products available on the market.

Each bottle come with our "Push-To-Fill" Helium Balloon Filler Nozzle allows you to fill Latex and Foil balloons in a snap.


  • Volume: 1,8 litre
  • Pressure to +20°C: 90 bar (160 Litre)
  • Test Pressure (Ph): 163 bar
  • Dimension (mm): Diam. 102 x Length 280 (with plastic stand)
  • Weight/Tare (gr): 1800
  • Material: Steel P355NB EN 10120
  • Valve: UNI EN ISO 11118:2015
  • UN.Nr./Class: 1046 - Class 2.2