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Are you excited and expecting somebody, but you still haven’t selected a suitable carriage ? the dilemma is always the same for all parents. Which carriage to pick ? Parents are usually confused when it comes to picking out a carriage for their first child. It’s no surprise really, they don’t have any previous experience when it comes to these things and they don’t exactly know which features they should pay attention to when they’re picking out a carriage. The best thing to do is to first make a list of things of necessary features that you think are good and only then find a carriage with these features. Sounds simple, but is it really that simple ? Baby strollers are an integral part of any parents and baby’s life and we whole heartedly recommend you, that you pick one, that suits your needs. On today’s article we’ll be talking about the Mima strollers.

Mima strollers ? Yes, please 😊. In today’s blog I’ve decided to give you an in-depth look at these strollers from the prestigious brand Mima. Anyone who owns these strollers is already familiar with their extravagant and glamorous design and style. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, I’d love it if you’d take a minute and read this blog. 😊

The problem that arrives when picking out a carriage from a wide selection is that the ones you find in stores aren’t usually new. Every parent only wants the best for their children and so the Spanish based company Mima has the parents covered. They make sure that mommies and their little ones will be enjoying themselves with comfort, style and functionality. Mima is founded on the needs of families and with that in mind, designed a lot of revolutionary traits within their product line.

The Mima Xari carriage ensures maximum comfort for the baby as well as shows of a stylistic flare to everyone. The carriage allows you separate the basket itself from the carriage and vice versa, using a simple, but effective zipper system. This way you don’t have to buy additional seats or baskets when your baby’s going to be older. On top of that feature, you can adjust the basket to the direction of either where you’re going or facing towards you as you’re going, as well as you can change its position to either vertical or horizontal. In short, the comfort and safety of your little one is secured 😊 . Every time you go for a walk, shopping or any other type of adventure it’ll be a breeze thanks to the Mima Xari as the carriage handles extremely well even in rough terrain, thanks to its durable wheels and tires.

Check out this quick introduction video !

For the summer days we recommend the Marela Mima Bo carriage. This carriage will undoubtedly impress you with its practicality and elegance. It will ensure your child’s safety and comfort. It has an aluminium based skeleton meaning it’s very durable and at the same time very light. It’s practically the perfect carriage for a vacation or for any form of trip. It’s light, it takes up little space and it’s assembled quickly. Sounds great, doesn’t it ? 😊

Everyone’s going to notice the unique and modern look of your carriage, while you’re enjoying your walks on the beach. The carriage also has a hand break and an adjustable leg brace. To improve handling the front wheels were designed to be mobile in any direction while the hind wheels are in a fixed position. To increase its safety as well as visibility it has reflectors on its wheels, making it clearly visible to any traffic. The materials of the seat itself will allow for better air circulations, preventing any sort of overheating for your little one, which is a common occurrence for those hot summer days.

What about protection from those pesky mosquitos, rain or sunlight ? Not to worry, Mima has you covered. With some additions to the Mima Carriage your little bundle of joy will be safe and sound. The mosquito net will take care of those pesky insects while the rain coat will make sure your child stays completely dry during those rainy days. We can’t forget about the sun umbrella that’ll make sure your child stays safe from any harmful sun rays during those hot summer days. For those winter rays, your child will be kept warm with a winter bag, while the mommies will be taken care of with the Mima Winter set, which has some very nice accessories made from artificial fur. Now you’re ready for anything !

To perfect your look, you could also get the Mima style Diaper bag. With its practicality and wonderful design, you’ll impress every mommy out there as well as all the other daddies. The Diaper bag is made from strong eco-leather and has a practical shoulder belt, meaning you could take it anywhere with ease. The bag can be used even after your child will get older and won’t need everything with him anymore, all thanks to the fact that the bag itself is just beautiful in design and practicality.

To finish off I’d like to mention the Mima Izi Go  car seat. Suitable for children from 0-12 months old, the car seat is compatible with the Mime Xari and Mima Kobi strollers. These car seats were designed with years of experience and research to back them up, ensuring you maximum safety and quality. And before we forget, we must mention that the seat was ergonomically designed, meaning your child will be comfortable while using it. To make sure your child will be safe, the car seat has a 5-point belt system and a possibility to be added on top of an Isofix mat. Attaching it inside the car is simple, easy, fast and it ensures great stability. The Isofix mat will absorb a lot of force in the event of a collision.

To recap, Mima has taken care of EVERYTHING. It has combined aesthetics,  functionality and practicality into one great package. For those who love glamour, elegance and practicality, Mima is the right choice for you and your child. To finish off, I’d like to note that Mima was praised even by the Kardashians, who we all know have a very fine taste for things. 😊


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