Miniland® Pack 2 Go Hermifresh Azure

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In the country, at the beach or in the park
The pack-2-go hermifresh set can be conveniently held or hung from the pram. It becomes the best partner for feeding the baby away from home. Its isothermal bag maintains food temperature for longer.

Vacuum-packaging of food to preserve all its properties
Maintains all the properties, flavour and aroma of food thanks to the innovative patented air extraction system by means of a vacuum valve to maintain food fresh for a longer time.

For all types of food
Ideal for the first mushes and all kinds of liquid and solid food.

Materials endowed with exceptional quality
33cl, highly resistant airtight vacuum containers. Fitted with a transparent, tritan cap which withstands temperatures of more than 100ºC.

Frozen food with every guarantee
Preserves food in the freezer with the assurance that it will maintain all its nutritional properties and it can be unfrozen or heated up in the microwave in the hermetic container itself. In adttion, its cap incorporates a practical date stamp.

Easy to clean
The bag is impermeable so it doesn't absorb stains and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The hermetic containers are suitable for the dishwasher.

Bisphenol A free
100% BPA-free