Miniland® Pack 2 Go Hermisized Mediterra

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In the country, at the beach or in the park
It is the perfect size to take it anywhere. In addition, the bag can be conveniently handled or hung from the pram. Its isothermal bag maintains food temperature for longer.

Made in Spain with exceptional quality
Two graduated airtight containers of 25 cl of capacity, made in Spain from highly-resistant materials.

For all types of solid or liquid food
Ideal for the first mushes and all kinds of solid foods, from aperitifs and snacks to desserts. Well suited to other liquid foods such as broths, consommés or natural juices.

Conserving breast milk
Very suitable for storing breast milk, either to be drunk on the same day or for storing for longer in the freezer.

Frozen food with every guarantee
The baby's food is stored in the freezer and can be unfrozen or heated up in the baby bottle warmer or microwave in the hermetic container itself.

Accurately controls the baby's meals
The measurements printed on the container allow the baby's meals to be adapted to the baby's needs.

Easy to clean
The bag is impermeable so it doesn't absorb stains and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The hermetic containers are suitable for the dishwasher.

Thawing food
The graduated cup us ideal for the microwave, allowing food to be unfrozen in a moment with total convenience and safety.

Bisphenol A free
100% BPA-free