Eco by Naty

At Eco by Naty, children's health comes first. Natural materials are kinder to baby skin. They contribute to a lower risk of allergies, less skin irritation and skin problems.

Baby skin is especially susceptible to chemicals. Those chemicals that come in contact with baby’s sensitive skin are also absorbed into the bloodstream. That is why Eco by Naty nappies do not contain plastic, like most nappies on the market, and which we obtain from oil. Instead, natural bio-renewable materials are used. All statements are also supported by solid and independent evidence and certificates from independent laboratories or organizations.

Eco by Naty disposable diapers are the only diapers with 100% certified natural material that comes into contact with baby skin. Completely free of harmful chemicals!

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Eco by Naty® Nursing Pads 30 pcs.

6.50 €
In stock

Eco by Naty® Wipes Aloe 56 pcs.

4.90 €
In stock

Eco by Naty® Disposal Bags 50 pcs.

3.90 €
In stock

Eco by Naty® Tampons Super 18 pcs.

4.95 €
In stock

Eco by Naty® Flushable Wet Wipes 56 pcs.

10.90 €
In stock

Eco by Naty® Plant based Potty

44.90 €