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Nursery check list


You are pregnant and your head is full of exciting ideas how to decorate nursery and at the same  full of questions which items are necessary and which not so much. It`s easy to get overwhelmed when reading books about babies or checking baby boutiques filled with cute stuff that you can`t resist buying  but later you realize that you forgot to buy a changing mat, it happens, therefore wa have prepared a check list for you with all the necessary items and products that will make things easier for you when preparing a nursery.


1. Crib 

Becoming a parent is wonderful and scary at the same time in order to sleep like a baby it is very important that you choose the right crib, the one that has bar spaced at the safe distance, in our store you can find many, one of those is Leander® Linea Baby Cot 60x120 Beech. Even if you’re planning to have baby sleep in a bassinet during the first few months, you’ll want to select and purchase a crib right from the start. It’s a great, safe place to lay baby down, and he or she will get comfortable with the space when it’s time to make the nighttime move.


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2. Matress

Firm, flat mattress that fits snugly in the crib (less than two fingers should fit between mattress and crib). The Childhome‘s Duo Kokos Natural Safe Sleeper is provided with a removable mattress cover made out of bamboo yarns, which have natural and permanent anti bacterial properties.Bamboo is a 100% natural, ecofriendly and amazingly strong material, which makes this a durable and healthy safe sleep on. This mattress is also providedwith a firm and resilient polyether foam combined with a thick layer of kokos-fibre, which makes this a very breathable matress. This does not only keep the humidity and temperature of this matress under control, It also takes care of your child’s safety!

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3. Fitted Sheets and Blankets 

1 to 3 washable crib mattress pads or 2 to 4 fitted sheets with some towels/muslin/swaddle blankets that you can use as a matress protector. Fitted sheets are the best because they stay on their place, are easy to remove and easy to set. It is desirable that you get sheets and blankets from natural materials like cotton or a a soft organic sateen-weave cotton like this one from CamCam.

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4. Changing table/mat

When a new baby is born, you need a comfortable changing station. An exclusive changing table with great functionality and a modern look. This changing table has a long life span, and can easily transform into a regular cupboard that can be used anywhere in your home CamCam® Harlequin Changing Table Grey. A changing table should be a pleasant space for both mum and dad – and you should be able to stand by the table for many times during a day (and night) for several years - without having back trouble. That’s why we’ve made the Linea changing table height adjustable – to ensure both mum and dad the optimal work height and contact with your baby that`s why this one from Leander® Linea Changing Table is perfect.


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5. Bassinet

Breastfeed, cuddle and soothe your baby straight from your bed. Baby cot with Quax mattress. The side of the crib is removable and thus allows your baby to sleep next to you. Leg length is adjustable.

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6. Night light

This cute sleeping light gives your child a safe feeling because it shines a soft glowing light in the dark. Perfect for kids who don’t like sleeping in the dark. This little light is also ideal when (breast)feeding the littlest ones during the night. The environmentally friendly LED light keeps the material cool which makes it safe to use for kids. The nightlight is made of BPA, phthalate and led free PVC. 

 Products on the picture:

1. Mr Maria® Miffy Star Light 50cm

2. Liewood® Winston night light Rabbit Yellow Mellow

3. A Little Lovely Company® Little Light Sleeping Star


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