Pampers® Diapers Pure Protection Megabox Size 3 (6-10 kg) 4x31 pcs.

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The Pampers Pure Protection Diapers help protect your baby's skin. They're made from high-quality cottoon and soft plant-based fibers, combined with other important materials. They don't include any alcohol, chlore based bleach or perfume and are dermatollogicaly tested.

Because your baby deserves soft and gentle care without compromise, the Pampers Pure Protection Diapers guarantee up to 12 hours of the baby being dry. When it comes to producing the Pampers Pure Protection Diapers, Pampers only uses renewable energy sources. 


  • Dermatollogicaly tested
  • 12 hours dry guarantee
  • No perfume, rubber, chlore based bleach additives
  • Size: 4, suitable for children from 9-14 kg
  • Packaging: 28 Pieces
  • One time use