Scoot & Ride® Highwaykick 1 Black/Gold Limited Edition

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The possibility to enable kids to use the functionality of two products at the same time, the function to scoot as well as the function to ride. 

The Highwaykick 1 is the ideal companion for children aged one to five. Because of its stability this product gives the little ones the opportunity to move safely and comfortably. The patented -safety pad- offers extra security.  

The patented -safety pad- offers kids an extra portion of protection. It prevents the tip-over on rough terrain or if the wheels get stuck. It is completely integrated into the Highwaykick 1 and can be extended whenever you need it. 


  • Age recommendation: 1-5 Years
  • Max. Capacity: up to 20kg as a push bike and up to 50kg as a scooter
  • Adjustable seat height from 22,5 to 28,5 cm
  • Adjustable handle height from 57 to 64 cm
  • stability: secure hold even for the smallest kids
  • safe materials: proven materials
  • balance: comfortable and wide seat