Sebra® Height measurement Seven Seas/Daydream

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Height chart for hanging on the wall with motifs from Sebra Interior's two themes, Seven Seas – about adventure and life at sea, and Daydream – a curious tale of reality and fantasy.

Enjoy watching your child grow and make memories together – starting from 55 cm to 175 cm. Children love to watch and mark their progress – month by month, year by year. The height chart is made of paper mounted between two wooden holders, and just requires a nail to be hung up. The illustrations move from the sea (at the bottom) to the ground (in the middle) and the air (at the top), which also gives children an understanding of the nature that surrounds them – both high and low. On the height chart children will find Bluebell the bunny and Triton the turtle among plants, marine animals and the sky. Check children's height directly on the height chart using a pen or little stickers – perhaps write their age so that you can monitor growth together.
A cute decoration for any playroom, nursery or elsewhere in the home.

A perfect baby shower gift or maternity gift for the newborn.

The cardboard tube's cylinder consists of a 100% recycled material made from converted recycled fibres which have been compressed into a strong, cardboard-like board.


  • Material: 250g art paper
  • Dimensions: 20 x 125 cm