Sebra® The Sebra Bed, Junior & Grow Classic white

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The Sebra Bed – Junior & Grow is a next generation to The Sebra Bed – Baby & Jr. and is a new extendable bed created for the growing family.

The bed can be used as a junior bed, and as the child grows, the bed can be pulled out to create a standard single bed in adult size. The Sebra Bed – Junior & Grow is the ideal replacement for The Sebra Bed – Baby & Jr.

The transition to a new and larger bed can be a challenge for some children. One of the basic ideas behind the bed’s recognisable design idiom includes the desire to provide the child with a secure transition from the Baby & Jr. bed to the Junior & Grow bed.

Bed rails are sold separately. Sebra Interior owns the rights to the copyright-protected design classic, the Juno bed.


  • Material: Beech Wood
  • Dimensions: 165 x 90 x 68 cm
  • Extension length: 204 cm