Trucioli & Coccole® Montessori Bed MINI 160x80x12

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Montessori Bed MINI!

Floor-bed made entirely of splinter-proof solid wood, slightly raised off the ground by four feet placed at the corners of the bed, for an ethereal design.

It consists of a rectangular form of wood structure and on request is possible to combine a hand-made futon in pure wool and stone pine wood. Holes are drilled on the bottom of the bed to allow the structure to breathe continuously. The two cloud-shaped sides can be combined with the cot to protect the child during sleep. The clouds - made of solid wood and also painted with non-toxic water-based paints – can be transformed with a simple gesture into shelves to decorate the bedroom, once they have been abandoned from the bed. Nuvoletto represents the optimal solution for the progressive passage from the cradle to the bed, helping the little ones to develop coordination and motor skills.
The Montessori bed, unlike the cribs with bars, allows the child the freedom to live the daily life and the routines linked to the time of sleep independently, allowing the little ones to get on and off the bed in a completely autonomous way.
It is essential that the adult shows the child how to use Nuvoletto, just like any other Montessori job or activity.


  • 8+ months
  • The mattress is not included
  • Dimensions: 160x80x12 cm
  • Made in Italy