Twistshake® Steam Sterilizer 5in1

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Twistshake’s cleverly-designed steriliser is easy to use, and sterilises your dummies, baby bottles and other items you want to keep clean, with natural steam. It keeps the contents sterile for 12 hours.

This stylish, black and white steriliser from Twistshake, can be placed conveniently on your kitchen counter for easy access. The machine uses natural steam and a HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of all harmful bacteria, at the same time filtering dust and small PM2.5 particles, quickly and effectively. The contents are sterilised in just eight minutes, and will remain sterile for up to 12 hours if you keep the lid closed. This is thanks to the high-quality HEPA filter, which is designed not only to clean and remove the harmful bacteria and small particles, but also to ensure that they do not come back. The spacious design allows for up to eight baby bottles, but the product is also great for sterilising dummies, baby bottles, teats, and other items you want to be clean and safe to use for your baby. Twistshake's steriliser is also a clever all-in-one product that, in addition to quick and efficient sterilisation, can be used to dry, heat, and keep the contents warm, giving you excellent value for your money. Thanks to its simple, stylish design, it is also incredibly easy to keep clean and requires minimal maintenance. "


  • Removes 99.97% of all harmful bacteria using natural steam
  • Filters small dust particles using HEPA filters
  • Sterilises in just eight minutes
  • Clever design for easy use and minimal maintenance
  • Five features in one product
  • Keeps contents sterile for up to 12 hours with the lid closed