Baby Baths & Accessories

A bathtub is an essential item for any mommy and their baby. It combines pleasure, relaxation, entertainment and hygiene all in one complete package.

All the bathroom accessories you can find on our webstore are made out of high-quality materials. The Aquascale bathtub has an ergonomic shape, it can tell you the water temperature and it has a built-in scale feature. This is an absolute fan favourite since every mommy can see if the water is just right for a bath as well as they can keep track of their baby’s weight on a regular basis. With the anti-slip padding inside, you can rest assured that your baby will not be sliding left and right. The Aquascale bathtub also comes with a seat that comes with every tub that you can install, making it safe for even the youngest of babies. For some other accessories you can check out Skip Hop’s selection of water toys and accessories that are designed to make bath time a lot more exciting and fun.

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Aquascale® Safety Stand V3

53.90 € 45.82 €
In stock

Konges Sløjd® Silicone Bath Dino Quarry Blue

33.45 € 26.76 €
In stock

AquaScale® Digital Baby Bath V3

84.90 € 72.16 €
On stock from supplier

Beaba® Baby Bath Light Mist

50.00 €