Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision! Who are we? 

Kind, compliant, dependable...These are some of the positive attributes of our team. We here at Evitas Shop are aware and understand the needs and wants of mommbies, that's why we're constantly working towards improving our services as well as working towards being able to offer the best, most modern and highest-quality goods for mommbies and their children. The purpose of the webstore is to make shopping easier, to make finding everything you need in one place. Customer satistfaction isnt a goal, it's a necessity. A job well done with guaranteed customer satisfaction is what we use to measure our performance.

Who's behind the Evitas store ?

Jure Kodrič Director

Jure is the cofounder and director of the Evitas company. Alongside his paretner, Eva he started writting the story of Evitas, that's still ongoing today. He's responsible for the strategic development of the company and makes short and long-term strategic decisions. He is also responsible for any investment decisions as well as oversees that everyone remembers and follows the company mission and vision. Amongst other things, he also works on the financial projections and resolves any legal and beurocratic issues that occur.

Eva Birsa Marketing manager

Eva isn't only the mother of their kids, but also the mother of the Evitas Shop. She's always innovating with new ideas and helping to makes the customer's experience as easy and as pleasant as it can possibly get. With an eye for fashion and quality she mekes sure all of the products on offer are high quality, beautiful and practical. Eva is present in every major company decision. 

Amongst other tasks, she's in charge of marketing and making sure that the name Evitas gets recognized more and more with each day.


Mark Kodrič Manager, Procurator

Organization, planning and managing are the key function that Mark does at the company. Mark has all the authorization to represent the company to any current or potentialy new business partners. Mark is also the head of the Human Resources department and makes works with the distribution of our products. 

He evaluates the efficiency of business processes and takes care of any legal or formal issues that occur within the company. With his leadership, he steers the companly atmosphere into a more relaxed and positive company culture. 

Andrej Benko Purchasing Manager

Having over 9000 different items on our store means that we need someone to keep track of what's coming in and going out. Andrej Benko works as the Purchasing Manager in the company. He makes sure the company gets what it needs as soon as possible, so that the company can tend to their customer's needs as soon as possible. Andrej makes sure that items are in stock, or are available in the shortest time possible, as well as takes care of any documentation or returns that can happen. In short, Andrej is responsible that the goods get from all over the world to our shop.

Vanesa Colja Prodaja in podpora strankam

Evitas ponuja čudovite potiske na otroška oblačila in majice za odrasle. Poleg komunikacije s strankami, je Vanesina odgovornost tudi tisk na oblačila. Skrbi, da je grafika za tisk pripravljena na toplotni prenos, ki ga izvajamo s posebno napravo za tisk. Vsaka grafika je z veliko mero skrbnosti pripravljena ročno, tako da na koncu nastane čudovit in kvaliteten izdelek za naše kupce.

Vanesa poleg tega skrbi, da so vsi paketi pravočasno in v celoti opremljeni. Vodi celoten potek priprave oddanih naročil in poskrbi, da so naše stranke o morebitnih spremembah obveščene in na tekočem s svojim naročilom.

Sindi Breščak Content Quality

Content quality is important to us here at Evitas. Sindi takes care that all the item descriptions, formatting and information presented on the site is accurate. She's also in charge of updating the website with new items and updating the photos of the items to better showcase them on the website and works on graphic designs for promotional material. She also works in customer support, giving out important information and updating the customers on their current situation with their orders. 

Urška Tabaj Head of Sales for the Italian market

Our goal is to become a successful internation company, so it's no surprise, that we've expanded our business onto the Italian market. Urška is responsible for sales and the organization of the italian market department at Evitas. She does research on the Italian market and makes sure that everything is done by the books, as well as is able to help settle and legal dispute, thanks to her master's degree in Law.

Amongst her many other tasks, she's also in charge of marketing on the Italian market and our company's name recognition in Italy.

Maša Kastelic Customer support for the Italian market

Having great customer relationships isa key factor in our company. This is why Maša makes sure that we are known for having great customer support. She helps customers with any questions or problems they might have and resolves them efficiently. She is also in charge for the translations done on the Italian version of the site, as well as she helps with market research so that we can offer a better service to our customers home and abroad.

Tadeja Mrevlje Head of accounting

A good foundation of any company is an efficient accounting department. Tadeja makes sure we're up to date on the latest accounting standards, guidelines and legislation. She analyses data and makes reports, that will give the rest of the company relevant information to improve efficiency. 

Her work is based on precision and is a vital part of the company. The work she does impacts the entire company.

Anika Jarc Head of Sales for the Croatian Market

Our webstore and B2B commerce are always expanding, even in the Croatian market. Anika makes sure that we have a presence on the Croatian market and also works on marketing in that department. She is also in charge of any B2B commerce that happens outside of Slovenia.


Thank you for being a part of our daily lives.

We value our customers and we are incredibly grateful to them for shaping our story. We're also grateful for every comment, praise or review that our customers leave.