Return policy


The consumer (the stated only applying for physical entities, which acquire the products for the purpose outside of their purchasing reason) in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act has the right to inform the vendor that he is walking away from the contract within 14 days of receiving the products. The consumer must then give a reason as to why he is doing this. The period starts one day after receiving the products. The consumer can inform the vendor about this via E-mail at

The consumer must return the products to the vendor in an unaltered state and quantity, unless the product was destroyed, damaged, lost or its quantity was lowered, without it being the fault of the consumer. The consumer cannot use the products if he wishes to walk away from the contract. The consumer can look and test out the products within the reason of finding out the actual state of the product. The consumer is liable for reducing the value of the products because of his interactions with the products if this was not necessary.  The only cost on the consumers side with regards to walking away from a contract is the cost of returning the products (in the case of delivering using a courier). The product must be returned to the vendor within 30 days of notifying the vendor that the consumer is walking away from the contract.

The consumer does not have the right to walk away from the contract with orders that included specific orders (such as personalized clothing), which was tailored specifically to their personal needs, meaning these products inherently are not suitable to be returned or due to an expiration date. A refund needs to occur within 14 days of receiving a message about walking away from a contract (except the costs of expedited shipping). The company will refund all payments to the consumer using the same payment method that the consumer used (this is usually done with bank transfers), except for the consumer demanding a different payment method and only if the consumer will not be financially charged by this action.

Tips for returning products:

  • When you are returning the products to the vendor you must also enclose a form for walking away from a contract
  • You must enclose a copy of the receipt
  • The products must be sent to the vendors address : Evitas Shop d.o.o. Cesta 25 Junija 1g, 5000 Nova Gorica
  • We recommend using a courier service that allows you to track your packages and take proper care of the products
  • The delivery costs are covered by the person returning the products, unless agreed upon otherwise. We do not accept payment on delivery shipping (we do not pay for the transport).

Any bonuses, discount codes or promotional codes are not refunded when a consumer walks away from a contract. The consumer is only refunded the paid amount. Any gift cards are refunded in the form of gift cards. In rare cases, when the products are not returned in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, the company can offer the consumer to buy his products back with compensation. This has to be confirmed via E-mail by the consumer. The consumer can use this compensation exclusively when purchasing a different product of the same or higher value. The right to a refund is in this case determined by the Consumer Protection Act.

The form for walking away from a contract can be found HERE.

The right to a refund, warranty, product error or incomplete services are determined by the Consumer Protection Act.


If you wish to receive the receipt to your company, you agree to the terms which apply to businesses. Returning products is allowed for businesses, sole proprietors and other legal entities that are within their warranty terms. Legal entities are not allowed to walk away from a contract within 14 days or a refund, which apply to physical entities. For any additional questions, please call us at 031 388 868 or write to us at


If you’ve noticed that the product is damaged, has some of its contents missing or shows signs of being opened before being delivered you can ask for compensation from the courier services, i.e. Post of Slovenia or GLS.

Post of Slovenia

As soon as you notice any problems with the package you should bring the package and its contents to the Post of Slovenia within 30 days of receiving the package. Please warn the postal service and fill out the form about damaged shipping and sign it. After you have received all the necessary documentation you can demand compensation from the postal service. This will result in either a full refund or the free delivery of a new product within the shortest time possible.


If your package was delivered by the GLS courier service and you notice that the package was damaged, is missing its contents or shows signs of being opened before being delivered, you should call us at 031 388 868 . Please provide some photos about the package (the inside and outside of the package), some photos of the damaged product, the GLS stickers and a description of what the damages are. An arrangement will be made to pick up the damaged packaging.


The consumer can exercise his rights of a product error if the consumer informs Evitas within 2 months of the day the error was uncovered. The consumer must inform Evitas about the error in detail and enable the vendor to examine the product. The vendor does is not responsible for product errors, that occur after 2 years of issuing the product. A product error is valid if it occurs within the first 6 months after issuing a product. The consumer, who has correctly informed the vendor about the product error is entitled to either get the product repaired, to get a refund proportionate to the cost of the error, to get a exact same brand new product or to get a refund.

A product error is valid when :

  • The product does not have the characteristics, required for its normal use
  • The product does not have the characteristics, necessary for personal use, for which the consumer is buying, that the vendor knows about or should have known about
  • The product does not have the characteristics or likeliness of what was said, shown or was expected of i
  • The condition of a product is compared to the same product in mint condition as well as the statements of the producer of the product. The consumer has to inform Evitas about the product error together with a detailed description of this error within the legal time limit as well as enable an inspection of the product. The rights regarding product error are defined within the Consumer Protection Act.

The form to report a product error can be found HERE.


In line with the current legislation, the producer is responsible to ensure that the product works as intended. The warranty can be redeemed by the consumer directly at the producer or any of the producers authorized partners. The producer is responsible to repair the product within 45 day after receiving the product. If the product was not repaired in this time, you can exchange that product for another product of the same value that is in working condition.

The consumer can also redeem his warranty at the vendor, however, the same rules apply in this situation.

If you wish to return your products at our expenses, you can do that by coming to agreement with us by calling us on 031 688 868 or writing to us at Warning : No other way of transporting the goods at our costs will be accepted at Evitas Shop ltd.

You can find the warranty form HERE.