Kitchen Baby Accessories

Soon after birth, every mommy start thinking about how they’re going to feed their baby, how to prepare the food, how to serve it and when to start introducing solid food to their children. We’ve got different kitchen accessories on offer to help you with just that.

Kitchen accessories make preparing and cleaning up after feeding time just that much easier. Here you can find storage boxes, electrical cookers and other accessories that will help you out with cleaning and maintaining your kitchen. The Twistshake 6in1 food processor has 6 different functions in 1 machine. Another excellent tool are the storage measuring cups from Beaba that will simplify and help you ration out the baby’s menus throughout the days. Boon has a lot of different accessories that will help you clean up and maintain your bottles and bowls. A fan favourite in this department is definitely the Twistshake dish rack that makes drying out dishes easier and it also looks so good it would fit into just about any kitchen.

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Beaba® Rice, Pasta & Grain Insert

12.01 £ 10.21 £
In stock

Boon® Drying Rack Stem Purple

7.77 £ 6.21 £
In stock

Liewood® Andy Cookie Cutter 6 Pack Hunter Green mix

14.69 £ 11.75 £
In stock

Neno® Modified milk machine Aqua

120.89 £
In stock

Boon® Drying Rack Stem Blue

8.63 £

Boon® Drying Rack Twig

11.22 £

Boon® Drying Rack Patch

23.32 £

Miniland® Chefy 6

116.57 £

Miniland® Jar Chefy 6

17.20 £