Group 0+/1 (0-18 kg/40-105cm)

A group of car seats for the age group 0+/1, weighing 0-18 kg or measuring from 40-105 cm.

Installation in the opposite direction of travel for a 5x safer journey! Group 0+/1 car seats, depending on the model, are suitable for newborns or babies who are only a few months old, up to 4 years old. With excellent padding and ergonomic design, as well as many options for adjusting the inclination, direction rotation, and similar functionalities, they ensure a high level of comfort for both toddlers and parents! We install them with the help of the Isofix base, first in the opposite direction of travel, but optionally, after the child reaches the age of 15 months, we can turn the child in the direction of travel. However, don't rush, your journey has just begun!

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