Baby Books and Milestone Cards

Capture and remember some of your child’s first unforgettable experiences.

Baby books and milestone cards will help you remember those amazing first moments. These cards will help you keep track of your baby’s first milestones, like the first time he said mommy or daddy, or the first time he stood up by himself and walked on his own. This is something that you can fill out and after some years, look back on and cherish those wonderful memories. On top of these milestone cards you can also get some pregnancy diaries or baby diaries that you can write your experiences, feelings and thoughts into. Again, something you won’t really see as something important right now…but give it a couple of years, it’ll definitely grow on you.

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Ginger Ray® Foiled Guest Book Baby in Bloom

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Ginger Ray® Baby's First Memory Jar

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Little Dutch® Memory Box

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