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Cleaning your teeth has never been this much fun !

Dental hygiene is a fundamental part of a healthy life and a toothbrush is an essential tool, especially to help train the importance of dental hygiene to your child at a younger stage. We’ve got a selection of toothbrushes ready to make cleaning your teeth just that much more fun. Oral-B has partnered up with some companies to put your children’s favourite cartoon characters onto their electric toothbrushes. An electric toothbrush with Elsa, Cars, Star Wars and others ? I wish I had that when I was younger. These toothbrushes were designed with functionality in mind and with the help of some dental surgeons and dentists they have perfected their toothbrushes to make cleaning your children’s teeth easier, more effective and more fun !

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Xiaomi® Mi Electric Toothbrush

45.05 $ 40.54 $
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Mushie® Finger Toothbrush Clay/Shifting Sand

10.03 $
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Mushie® Finger Toothbrush Blush/Shifting Sand

10.03 $
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Mushie® Finger Toothbrush Tradewinds/Stone

10.03 $
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