Baby Diapers

High quality and highly absorbent diapers will make sure that your baby will remain dry and comfortable.

The baby diapers from Violeta will impress you with their functionality and design. Their new Air Dry technology allows their diapers to be incredibly thin and soft while at the same time having a lot of breathing room. The outer part will make sure that the skin is protected and that there won’t be any rashes. The inner part of the diaper is made out of soft pillows that will quickly soak up any fluids that might come. The company Pampers was founded with the intention to offer their children the best and considering they’ve been around for longer than 50 years they’re clearly doing a great job with their products. Their new Active Baby Dry design enables an equal distribution of fluids for maximum absorption. Don’t forget to check out the other products that make nurturing and keeping your children clean that much easier.

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Eco by Naty® Disposal Bags 50 pcs.

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Violeta® Double Care Aircare 6 (16 kg+) 48 Pcs

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