Soft Toys

Soft Toys are always a good choice, when we’re looking for a gift for our little rascals.

Soft Toys will give your child a sense of security and comfort as well as fit into any child’s room. They’re a timeless classic when it comes to a child’s toy and they can be found in nearly every home. We offer a variety of different plush toys for boys and girls. They’re great for a birthday gift or even as just a little extra for being such a good kid.

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Bloomingville® Cuddle Toy Fox

106.90 $
In stock

Bloomingville® Cuddle Toy Zebra

106.90 $ 85.52 $
In stock

Done By Deer Cuddle Friend Raffi Mustard

84.43 $ 71.77 $
In stock

Done By Deer® Cuddle friend Wally Blue

49.51 $ 42.08 $
In stock

Effiki® Effiki Bunny S

From 31.43 $
In stock
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Elodie Details Bunny - Gentle Jackson

35.94 $ 28.75 $
In stock

Jellycat® Bashful Fox Soother 34x34

29.23 $
In stock

Jellycat® Soft Toy Hudson Husky 8x29

39.37 $
In stock

Jellycat® Soft Toy Odell Octopus

From 117.11 $
In stock

ellycat® Soft Toy Storm Octopus

From 25.19 $
In stock

Jellycat® Soft Toy Fossilly Triceratops 17x11

42.75 $ 34.20 $
In stock

Jellycat® Little Rambler Fox Rattle

30.36 $
In stock