Group 0+ (0-13 kg/40-87cm)

A group of car seats for the age group 0+, weighing 0-13 kg or measuring from 40-87cm.

The first car seat for your little passenger! Colloquially, it is also called a shell, because its rounded, egg-shaped shell safely protects the little one from birth. It is deep, softly padded, and suitable for the first short trips with your newborn. It is suitable for children up to one year of age, or up to approximately 13 kg of the child's body weight. Depending on the model, we can safely transport small passengers in the shells even further, but we must orient ourselves according to the child's body height. ALWAYS install the shell in the opposite direction of travel, and for safe installation, you can use a compatible Isofix base with a support leg or the vehicle's seat belt. When installing it on the front seat of the vehicle, be sure to turn off the airbag. It can also be installed on a baby carriage, but the journey in it should not last more than 30 minutes at a time, then give the little one a break. Let the journey begin!

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Cybex Platinum® Car Seat Cloud Z i-Size 0+ PLUS (0-13 kg) Soho Grey

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Cybex Platinum® Car Seat Cloud Z2 i-Size 0+ (0-13 kg) Soho Grey/Mid Grey DAMAGED

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