Baby's First Bath & Care

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Baby's First Bath & Care


Since parents are not born equipped with all the knowledge and skills, we have prepared a short blog for you about the first independent bathing and child care, and at the end you will also find a short checklist of necessities.

You’re back from the maternity ward, the baby’s umbilical cord is healing, and now you’re wondering when you can bathe your newborn for the first time. The first child's bathing depends on the rest of the umbilical cord or. when the latter will fall off, this usually occurs as early as the first week, the veins close and change in the ligament within 7 to 14 days. The rest of the umbilical cord usually dries for about two weeks after the stump falls off, during which time bathing is not performed, as moisture can cause infections, so it is important that the umbilical cord is always dry. We try not to cover the navel with a nappy, but rather fold the edge of the nappy and allow the navel air access.

What do we need to pay attention to?

  • The water temperature should not exceed 37 ° C
  • Temperature in the room, at least 24 ° C
  • Safety, we never leave the child alone.
  • Caution in dosing soap, do not overdo it
  • We bathe the baby for up to 12 minutes.
  • We prefer to bathe in the evening, the child will fall asleep easier.
  • Wipe the baby thoroughly, prevent various infections and potential colds.


What do I really need for the Baby's First Bath & Care?

In many countries the child health nurse/community nurse takes care of the first bath, she/he will show you and explain things nicely, so there is really no need to be afraid of the first bath. You will then bathe your baby about twice a week, and it is rational to use soap only once a week, as baby's skin is sensitive and more susceptible to drying out.


Baby tub

You definitely need a baby tub, which you fill with only a few centimeters of water, and the temperature of the latter should not exceed 37 ° C. Because we are aware of how important weighing is, we recommend the Aquascale bathtub, which has a built-in thermometer and scale, as well as a non-slip base. Otherwise you can use a normal bathtub and thermometer for measuring water temperature.

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It makes sense to place the baby in the tub with the help of a muslin cloth, which is then gradually withdrawn, thus alleviating the shock / fear that the baby experiences when touched by water. While bathing, you can use a soft glove or muslin cloth or even a bare hand. It is important to wash the baby's scalp and hair because of sweating, while holding the head above the water, we can put one muslin cloth on our hand, which will limit slipping when the baby is soapy. After bathing, place the baby on a soft towel and make sure to dry all the baby's wrinkles, under the neck, behind the ears, between the fingers and buttocks. After gentle wiping and drying, the baby can be lubricated with almond oil, as it has a beneficial effect on the baby's skin. It is important to put the hat on the child's head after bathing and remove it after about 30 minutes, as the hair is already dry. Babies love being pleasantly caressed, this is why you can use gentle brushes to comb their tiny hair, which provide soothing before going to bed, and at the same time the hair dries faster when combing. Before bathing, bring a fresh diaper and clothes nearby.

The heath nurse/community nurse will tell you more about umbilical cord care.

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Whean dealing with children's cosmetics, it is important not to overdo it, especially not with various aggressive soaps and shampoos. We do not soap the baby every time we bathe, but only once a week. We use a non-scented soap which is gentler for a child’s sensitive skin. It is important to provide a cream for the buttocks, as there is often a milder inflammation, which can be very disturbing and the baby will not calm down until we take action and eliminate the signs of inflammation.

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Short checklist

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