CamCam® Kids Storage Bench - White

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Harlequin Kids Bench. The name Harlequin refers to the rhombus shaped pattern, known from the Pierrot La Lune ballet and classical painted patterns. It's a contemporary design with a classical reference. We also create classical references in the detailing of the furniture, creating a level of craftmanship, seldom found in modern furniture. The bench is also a storage, underneath the seat. The seat has a smooth closure, ensuring that those small fingers never get pinched. The seat opens up, so you can store toys in the space below. It is very stabile and robust because of the construction and the dimensions.

Comes flatpacked. easy to assemble without special tools.

Dimensions: W70xH58xD30cm
Seating Height: 31cm

Quality: MDF - FSC-certified
Category: Made in Europe. Environmentally friendly production and produced under socially responsible conditions.

The paint meets the requirements of the European Toys Directive EN 71/3 2013 (Test on evaporation of toxics on painted/lacquered surfaces). VOC-free paint.

Care instructions: Wipe off with a damp cloth, painted furniture can be delicate